My name is JQ Sirls. I am a Los Angeles based designer and author. Aside from my current Kickstarter campaign about a playing card game that will make game-nights hilariously better for most and embarrassingly suck for some, my eight year experience as a designer and illustrator spans across and array projects and clients such as: art direction and design on a charitable watch that has changed over 4 million lives around the world, illustration and design for a 5 time Grammy nominated production duo, creative direction and design for a Grammy award winning recording artist, design for the fastest growing online early learning program for children, book design and creative direction for the Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Tri-Star Pictures (and NY Times bestselling author), and creative direction for a boutique children’s story-studio

Because I like education, I have a BA from Rockhurst University and an MBA from FullSail University. 

I currently keep an updated online gallery where I obsess over essentialism and slow-living through literature, art, and film. If you need to reach me, please contact me here

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